Prices are Based on Size-Detail-Color -Location of your tattoo.  The price guide below will give you a idea of my rates and what I'd charge for a certain piece, but keep in mind for a exact price quote you must see me at the studio for a consultation.

Price Rates:

Small Tattoo $40-$80 = 30-40 Min

Med Tattoo $80-$150 = 1-1.5 Hours

Large Tattoo $200-$300 = 2-3 Hours

XL Tattoo $400 = 5 Hours

Half Day Session $500 = 6 Hours

 Full day Session $800 = 9 Hours


Price Guide:

Tattoo Minimum $40

Full Hand Tattoo $80&up

Cover ups $100 &Up

Neck Tattoo $100&up

Portrait Tattoo $200 &Up

Quarter Sleeve(Lower Arm) $200

Half Sleeve (Lower Arm) $400&up

Quarter Sleeve(Upper Arm) $300

Half Sleeve (Lower Arm) $400&up

Full Sleeve $600&up

Half Chest $200

Full Chest $400&up

Back Piece $100 per hour



Royal Flush Tattoos

2600 Poplar





MON    1pm-8pm

TUE     1pm-8pm

WED    1pm-8pm

THU     1pm-8pm

FRI     1pm-11pm

SAT    1pm-11pm


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