Tattoo Caine

Caine has  been a natural artist his whole life but His tattoo carrer didnt start until 2006.  His attention to detail and natural talent have made him one of the more well-known artists in the Mid South.  Although born in Chicago and raised in Milwaukee, this Midwest kid has made Memphis his home for the last 14 years.  After working for other shops in the area he  decided in 2009 to open his own small tattoo studio In East Memphis called Royal Flush Tattoos, eventually growing into the new location in midtown. Quality work and  good marketing skills, his name spread quickly  eventually earning himself the Tattoo Artist of the year award three years in a row and a feature in Urban Ink Magazine.  Borrowing his influence from East LA Street style, animated realism, portraits and arts from the Classical Era, Caine has taken his passion for art and turned it into a business venture. As the Founder of Royal Flush Tattoos, Caine pushes other young artists to work toward their own goals. Along with his tattooing, Caine is also a painter and featured piercer for Royal Flush Tattoos. Instagram/Twitter @TattooCaine

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